2007 LR2 TD4 Starting issues - BCM or ECU OR???

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2007 LR2 TD4 Starting issues - BCM or ECU OR???

Postby andrewpillayza » 06 Jul 2015 17:47

Hi Guys,
This is my first post so please excuse me if I get it wrong - Searched through the forums and whilst there are many similar issues to mine, cannot find the correct resolve.

Long Story short - Bought a 2007 Freelander 2 - TD4 (2.2 Duratorq motor by ford) from a friend who has had this issue for over 6 months now.
Cannot get the car started - apparently, battery was taken out to be recharged while keys were in ignition, put the battery back - now the car wont start at all - we assume it has something to do with the BCM or ECU and/or must be security related.
1. If starter connected directly to battery, car will crank, if you add “Engine Start” the motor will start and run
2. Put Key into ignition (Keyless system. Engine Stop start button) - When pressing key, no matter how many times we unlock the car, the small security light keeps flashing at normal speed but never cranks the car.
3. We Get HDC Fault, Bonnet Open, Press Clutch when starting showing on the dash.
4. Car will not lock with the remote, no matter how many times you press or hold the lock button but the horn signals as normal as though the car is locked (when it isn't/none of the doors lock)
Possible Causes
- Somewhat clueless, but some research suggests something to do with the BCM module not giving correct or final authorisation to ECU to start the motor.
Any ideas/Comments or Suggestions are really appreciated - ive been towing this car around Johannesburg City and the costs are certainly no joke - ive been to a multitude of different Key-Coders and auto electricians but they too seem to be baffled - Have 2-3 week waiting period at dealership for booking (and want to avoid their enormous costs wherever possible)
Any ideas?



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