Freelander 1 TCI 2.0L TD jerks more when warmed up

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Freelander 1 TCI 2.0L TD jerks more when warmed up

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Hi All
I would like to have some help as stuck with the issue. The 1999 Freelander 1 has a reconditioned Turbo Diesel engine but since the reconditioning of the engine it is jerking. Before the reconditioning it was overheating. First it appeared as the head gasket. Rebuilt the complete engine but the problem remained. Later I have discovered that the temperature gauge is not displaying the correct temperature. It looks as if the motor is running very cold. It is close to boil when it still just moved off the totally cold on the gauge and boils when the gauge is showing normal operational temperature.

I have replaced the sender/sensor twice (the one near the alternator) but no change. The boiling happens as the computer doesn't turn on the fans, so one can drive around in cooler weather and little load as the engine will be ok, but if have to stop and start at lights, the temperature starts to become an issue.

To overcome the issue, I have disconnected the connector from the sensor/sender and now the fan is always on. At least it is not overheating at the moment, but this way the gauge is completely useless.

The jerking is strange too. When cold it is lot less frequent. It feels like just like a petrol engine running a little lean and without the accelerator jet (carby). Only seem to happen when one starts to accelerate. As it warms up, the jerking becomes more frequent and feels more like a petrol engine miss-fires, no spark for a split second or longer. As warms up, it gets worse and worse, eventually stops here and there, but will restart almost immediately. Also another interesting thing that is seem to constantly jerk in the 1200 to 1800 rpm range, but hard to give an exact range.

Further more it feels like it is in limping mode, doesn't really want to rev above 3000rpm, only in lower gears, but even then it takes time to get over the 3,000 rpm. No light on the dash to indicate any issues.

I have no idea what could be causing the problem and not even sure if the jerking and the temperature issue is related.

Any ideas?



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