What to buy for R500k max

Land Rover Freelander 1 and 2

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What to buy for R500k max

Postby dutchuncle » 17 Dec 2013 20:15

My young son has a Landy on his mind. He is single, lives in the city and visits construction sites and mostly travels within a radius of 80km. Most driving is done within a radius of 5km in the CBD, though.

But we are outdoors people with a yearning for wide open spaces such as Tankwa, Kgalagadi, etc. Taking back roads and going nowhere slowly. Max 4 pax, usually 2-3 only. No ruff stuff, just twee spoor and dirt roads.

The budget is limited at R500k. Defender 110 SW is high on the list, especially a Melvil & Moon. However, how user friendly is that beast in city driving? Lots of CBD. The other option is a Freelander but these are getting expensive and only S is below R500k now. He wants new or almost new, not a vehicle that already had seen abuse.

Defender has space, practicality, is robust and had tamed Africa. It also needs 23-point turns, the clutch is a beast, according to some owners and driving position is compromised.

FL2 is sleek, can do dirt roads and drives smoothly. It has small luggage space and costs a lot.

We want both but can afford just one.

Which one?


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