Cant get tires.

Land Rover Freelander 1 and 2

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Cant get tires.

Postby wayneb » 26 Nov 2012 10:43

Hi, i am battling to get tires for my Freelander 1.

I currently have Michelin 4x4 Synchrone 225/55/R17 97H All terrain tires on my car. I damaged the one tire beyond repair and my spare is not the same make - now apparently need to replace all 4 due to the car being all wheel drive.

On top of this problem, the tire dealers tell me they can't get me any Synchrones any more as it has been discontinued and they cant get anything else for my size in all terrain either. I can just get normal road tires for the car.

Can anyone give me some advise. I am now thinking about changing the rims size on the car to 16".


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Re: Cant get tires.

Postby naks » 26 Nov 2012 15:56

Yeah, on the FL1 it is NOT advisable to have different tyres on the front and back axles.

I would say just get normal tyres if you don't go offroad. A gravel road here and there won't do any harm
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