Should I buy the Freelander 2?

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Re: Should I buy the Freelander 2?

Postby JvR » 28 Nov 2011 10:08

:? Mmm... Difficult question... I suppose it depends for what you would need it. On paper (spec-wise) it is an extremely competent vehicle. One of the best diesel engins around with 400nm torque (for a 2.2l engin!), 6 gears, less than 10 liters/100km; on the safety side it has 5-star Euro safety rating (all the safety bells & whistles you can think of) with one of the best traction control and break distribution systems I have ever experienced (very comforting on gravel roads); off-road it features one of the best approach and departure angles in any class, very usable ground clearance; other benefits include eco stop/start, auto lights, auto wipers, cruise control, 24,000 km service intervals on a diesel engin, which is unheard of, etc, etc.

That is where it stops though. Land Rover SA is notorously bad with their after-sales service. As an ex Toyota driver and now owning a Freelander 2, there is just no comparison in terms of maintenance. I have so far experienced problems each and every time I took my Freelander to a Land Rover workshop (and I visited quite a few of them). Every time I needed to return the vehicle, some times as many as 4 times before a problem would get solved. They can't even get the basics like oil levels right (2 out of 3 services).

Furthermore, although the vehicle is very competent, there are quality defects. I drive a lot on gravel roads, some of them in poorly maintained conditions, and I had quite a few major technical problems (I would rather not go into too much detail here) and other small, but annoying problems (rattles, squeeks, vibrations, etc.). One such annoying feature is the rear view mirror that would start rattling the moment your windscreen heats up from the sun. How they can't even get something like that right, is beyond me.

Otherwise a great vehicle, especially if you intend to use it mostly on tar roads with the odd exposure to gravel, sand or mud (i.e. a typical SUV application). It arguably still is one of the best SUV's off-road, but a word of advice - use its off-road gadgets sparingly. They are a nice-to-have, but I have found that the basic setting often performs the best under most circumstances, while some of the other settings could over-utilise the TC and ABS to the point of getting you in trouble or getting the vehicle damaged (especially on extended off-road journeys).

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Re: Should I buy the Freelander 2?

Postby wayneb » 15 Oct 2012 10:31

If you are into serious off roading - i dont think its for you BUT if you are into casual offroading over weekends its awesome vehicle.

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Re: Should I buy the Freelander 2?

Postby Pieter Hugo » 19 Aug 2013 19:23

I LOVE my baby Landy!

Just been through Botswana returning via Kgalagadi - entering at Kaa and braving the notorious Zutshwa to Nossob 2-spoor sand - WHAT a pleasure. Our Landy (2008 Freelander 2 SE) took the road in it's stride.

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