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New to this...

Postby Lenny » 06 May 2015 10:07

Hey guys, I'm new to this forum.

Don't yet have a landy, but I'm contemplating buying a series 2, and wanted to ask a few questions to find out if this is the right fit for me, or If I'm the right fit for a landy. One of the reason I'm thinking of a series landy, is because I'm not Mr moneybags. I'm looking for a rough and tough bakkie, that I can use as a run about, and for towing and launching my rubberduck. So being able to drive on the beach would be amazing, or taking the family to some of those cool destinations that we can't get to in our sedans, is what I'm dreaming about. But the thing is, that my price range would mean that I need to buy an old bakkie, that has probably been abused...and yes the series landys are older, but the idea that they are built so tough and just look so damn cool, makes me feel like i'd rather have a series landy than old isuzu kb or whatever. I particularly like Series 2 the most, I think it's got a beautiful classic look... the series 3 is a little ugly in my opinion.

I'm not into creature comforts, don't care if it's noisy or does'nt have aircon and carpets. Not being very fast would probably serve me well (less speeding fines :D ). I'm a fairly competent lay person, in the area of mechanics, welding, spraying etc. I've done most of the mechanical repairs on my own cars, except the jobs I hate (Timing belts, etc). I love restorations, especially vintage stuff. I've rebuilt motorbikes and outboards from scratch before...but not yet a car.

A while back, I got into making biodiesel, as a means to cut down our monthly fuel bill, and go further, spending less. But my diesel vehicle is Renault Scenic, and it's a modern common rail engine, that does'nt take too kindly to things like biodiesel. Also my renault has 250k on the clock, and everything that breaks costs me half of what the vehicle is worth! Last month I spent 10k because the cam pulley key broke (by some miracle the valves are still ok...but it was a close shave). So I thought i'd sell it, before it costs me more money. The buy something with an old school, direct injection, no frills, tough as nails diesel. Something with parts that are reasonable and easy to source, and that I could easily work on myself, and that will run off cooking oil or bio. Without me having to worry if I'm going to be stuffing up a R15k computer controlled diesel pump. Perhaps something like a Mercedes D240 or D300 (It's the all time favorite amongst the waste vegetable oil crowd)

So this leads me to my first question: How are the original landy diesel engines? Are the parts expensive or hard to find? Are they reasonably easy to work on? In otherwords should I look for an original landy diesel or should I try find one with a good conversion?

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Re: New to this...

Postby pretdave » 06 May 2015 13:36

Lenny a Series 2 can make a great hobby car for someone who is bored and has cash to blow.
If you plan to buy one because you are not cash flush at present , dont. Rather buy an ugly old Jap pickup.

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