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The new machine

Postby Den Wagen Kan » 29 Nov 2014 18:03

Hi all
Its been a long time since my last post, many a diverted river has flown over many drifts , many sand castles been washed away but alas I am back.

After all floods and white waters calmed I found my life rather empty without a landy and as soon as the opportunity presented itself I took it and there she stands my fist love affair rekindled a series 3R6. However...

As with many many a ex girlfriend she is not as perfect as you remember her , always the question would be ,why then ex.
I have been been in turmoil as to what to buy, a series or older V8 defender, as it would be a weekend passport to play I am not not to worried about feuel consumption more concerned with being able to do some repair work for stress release and some off roading but still have a presentable classic vehicle as a backup for business.

She offered herself slitghly battered somewhat brused but still being able to do the splits, bit creaky but she can, only problem is that she had some cosmetic surgery done, lets call it a automotive boob job, the feels the same ride the same but souds off note.
To the core more like anothers man name tattood on the small of her back. The was fitted with a NISSAN rd 28!!!.
At first this was rather entising, the enhancements, as it was done by someone who probably should be on Dr 91210.
But being a pureatian all these ,enhancements?, would take some time getting used to.

And that is the reason for posting, I find myself in need of a post surgery support group.
I need to be to know more about living with this lovely mutant.

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