Overhaul Range Rover 3.6TDV8 2007 Model

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Octavian Seitshiro
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Overhaul Range Rover 3.6TDV8 2007 Model

Postby Octavian Seitshiro » 12 Jun 2015 12:41

I own a 2007 Range Rover 3.6TDV8 and it has done all the services at the requiered intervals, but it still gives me a lot of problems...loss of power....disengaging whilst still running, forcing me to stop and restyart the engine....uncomfortable noice when cornering etc. I would love to know a reputerble garge in Rustenburg/Gauteng area that can carry out a full and comprehensive overhall of the vehicle for trouble-free enjoyment of my investment. I stay in Gaborone, Botswana.

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Re: Overhaul Range Rover 3.6TDV8 2007 Model

Postby hgb-560sel » 09 Nov 2015 06:23

Hi Octavian

contact BABEN on the 4x4community.co.za forum.


He can tell you where to take your rig. He owns a 3.6 TDV8 and a FFRR 5.0.
with kind regards

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