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Postby WillieRR » 06 Mar 2013 12:35

Hi all,

I had a persistent problem with the engine management light coming on, on my '07 V8 Supercharged. The dealers advised me that according to the computer it was caused by a damaged cat. To my surprise they not only told me that it would cost 18k to replace, but suggested that I have them removed (what, a LR dealer not trying to make money out of you?!), which I did yesterday. There is defintely an improvement as far as power is concerned and a she has more of a V8 roar although not anoyingly loud. Touch wood, so far the engine management light has stayed off, though it is early days. It will be interesting to see what difference it makes to fuel consumption etc and also whether the engine management system is going to be happy with this mod (both the for and aft sensors are still in the exhaust). If you want I'll keep you in the loop. A bit late to ask now, but does anyone know of any problems on this mod.

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