My Range Rover won't run

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My Range Rover won't run

Postby Oldfaithfull » 06 Jul 2012 16:51

Once again I find a range rover with many fuel problems. Starving carbs and a strange nocking sound. My first opservation was a fuel filter that looks brand new and apparently is but what I find inside the filter scared me. Sand inside the filter. Red fine sand. I took off the carbs and find between the two carbs three teespoons of sand. the float chambers are literally full of sand. both carbs had to be overhauled. A torn diaphram and once again the plungers in the wrong position. The fuel tank had to be washed and all fuel lines drained. But the worst is inside the engine. One piston so badly pitted it would have burnt through in a few more kilo's. If any one knows how sand gets into the fuel system let me know please.

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