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Range Rover Classic Zenith 175 cd*

Postby Oldfaithfull » 27 Jun 2012 13:21

I have come across many classic range rovers with carb problems. Some over rev on start up other won’t idle. Some run to rich others just don’t run. I have a 1979 classic with twin Zenith/Stromberg 175 cd carbs. Once I bought the vehicle the first thing I had a problem with was idling. That’s why the person sold the vehicle. I started it up and the smell of petrol was so strong I almost went on a trip. Opening the bonnet revealed one of the most common problems. A Leaking Jet. This can be a huge problem as it leaks onto the inlet manifold and creates a reservoir of fuel under the manifold. Stripping the throttle carb I found the first problem just removing the cap. The piston was the wrong way around. The two ports at the bottom where facing the intake from the air filter and dirty air had caused a buildup on the inside of the piston and the walls of the carb. Driving without air filters. I cleaned it out and checked the diaphragm. Now I examined that leak on the jet. I removed the jet and found a broken D-ring. These are very scarce and are often replaced with 3 X 16 O-rings. The O rings don’t last as the heat and fuel cause it to go snotty and the leak is back within 100km. I had no choice and replace it with the O-ring. Use petroleum jelly or it will bit and split and the leak will still be there. Once replacing the jet I tested the carb by pushing up the piston and it drop half way and got stuck. Vehicle won’t start. After cleaning the chamber and piston again and many other hassles I loosened the jet less than a quarter turn and the piston drops free with a beautiful thud. I then removed the cap again and looking into the chamber I could see it was miss aligned due to the piston being installed wrong the needle guide had bent and caused a lot of headaches. Replacing the jet and all it’s goods sorted that problem. Make sure that look at what position all components are before you remove it or you will cause more damage than fix a problem. Over revving can be caused by the piston getting stuck in the guide and forcing fuel into the chamber. I don’t have a gage to set up the carbs so I used a feeler gauge and set both carbs to 2.1mm piston to throttle body.

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