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Range Rover Sport SC - help needed

Postby JRX » 16 Sep 2017 12:22

Hi all, after almost 15yrs without a Landy I was offered a sweet deal through a 'friend', unfortunately things did not turn out too good, here goes, hopefully someone can offer good advice or refer me to someone that can assist.

I recently purchased a 2010 Range Rover Sport SC from a 'friend' in Pretoria (I stay in Langebaan). I was screwed. The car I received is not the car I was sold. But now I need to move forward as the car was registered on my name and this 'friend' disappeared.

I fetched the car in Cape Town about a week ago, it was couriered down from Jhb.
The car drives ok-ish: it does not overheat, according to the on-board electronic temp gauge, although I do smell oil (I think). If I accelerate very gently and evenly, the car goes smooth, however if I step on the accelerator, the car first 'coughs' & shudders and loses power, before all suddenly exploding like a bomb and going like a bat out of hell. Also, when you start the car, there is a lot of dark smoke (not always), but not while driving, unless I step hard on the accelerator.

Any idea as to what might be wrong? I've already lost a lot of money, I need to find someone that will give the car a major service that won’t break the bank BUT that will do a very thorough job, any recommendations?
Thanks in advance, Johann
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2010 Range Rover Sport SC

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