Disco 3 Air Suspension

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Disco 3 Air Suspension

Postby dutoit.pd@gmail.com » 07 Aug 2021 10:49

I own a Disco 3 V8 with (only) 220 000 km on the clock. After a long and safe trip of some 8 000 km, I had the car at a valet place and had the under carriage cleaned also. Since shortly after that (may or may not be due to) the front air suspension drops overnight and it seems as if the "smoothness" of the drive is deteriorating.

How serious is the condition? The car is booked for service (Schalk Burger $x$) for the end of this month, but I need it to drive to De Doorns from Strand, some 300 Km there and back, with some mountain road 4X4 (not serious) of approximately 10 km.

Do you think it safe to do so?

Piet du Toit

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Re: Disco 3 Air Suspension

Postby naks » 07 Aug 2021 11:17

Piet, sounds like an airbag leak or a broken valve control block, but the only way to know is to inflate the tyres and then disable the valve control: if the corner drops overnight, then it's the airbag, if not then it's the valve control block.

You can also test with a diagnostic tool if you have one.

You could drive it like this, but you then run the risk of overheating the compressor.
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Re: Disco 3 Air Suspension

Postby dutoit.pd@gmail.com » 08 Aug 2021 13:06

Thank you NAKS.

Unfortunately I am a complete ignoramus as far as motor mechanics are concerned. I measured the drop of the Disco after 48 hours, and it dropped from "normal driving height" as a percentage from normal to lowest by 85% and 93% in front and 56% and 64% at the back. I decided to cancel my 300km trip, but need to go to the airport (80km round trip). I just hope the pump will last! The pump itself seems to work OK as it is still able to lift the car to its maximum height.

PS. I see you are in IT. Been in IT since 1971, retired 2003!

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