Wheel size

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Wheel size

Postby MrJannie » 15 Oct 2015 20:06

I have saved for six and a half yeas to buy myself a Disco 2. I found a 2000 V8 ES A/T for R95000, but was able to buy it for R85000, km reading 120123. Problem is that it has BF Goodridge 265/75 R16 tyres on it and the left front wheel touches the suspension when I take a sharp left turn. It has a high lift coil spring conversion fitted and is quite high.

I want to know it would be a good idea to fit 7.50 R16C tyres to solve this problem, or is there something wrong with the suspension?
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Re: Wheel size

Postby naks » 15 Oct 2015 22:05

You can fiddle with the steering locks to increase the turning circle, this might resolve the rubbing issue.

Else, you can always trim some of the wheelarches to allow the tyre to turn fully.
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Re: Wheel size

Postby pretdave » 16 Oct 2015 06:11

I assume that "touching the suspension" means the tyre on full lock is rubbing up against the radius arm ? Not a big problem - two minutes with a spanner under the right hand side will allow you to screw the steering stop bolt out a turn or two, as suggested by Naks.
I dont think that trimming a wheel arch will help , however.

The origin of the problem is that 265/75 R 16 s are over size tyres and the extra width will foul the radius arms unless you adjust the steering stops , or fit wheel spacers or use wheels with a greater offset.

The 265 s are an excellent size for the D2 , helping a lot with off road ability.
What they will do however is take the edge off the power of the car , and change the speedo calibration slightly -- they will cause the calculated fuel consumption to seem a little more horrendous than with a standard V8 ...

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