Disco II Air Suspension issues

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Disco II Air Suspension issues

Postby MightyQuin » 03 Sep 2015 11:33

My Disco's air suspension has been acting up lately. It started with only the RH side sagging and then lifting again once vehicle has idled for a minute or so. Then it moved to the complete rear end sagging now, also lifting after short idle.

The mystery part: sometimes it sags within minutes of me parking and other times it will not sag for 2 days. This, based on my uninformed logic, should mean that this cannot be a leak, surely?

Could it be a faulty "weight sensor" ( I'm making stuff up here, I know) or some other issue. I would love some info before going to in for service/repairs and hearing I have to replace everything.

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Re: Disco II Air Suspension issues

Postby pretdave » 04 Sep 2015 08:28

Typical of an airbag leak.
Raise the suspension to full height , make a solution of dishwash liquid , paint this over the bags , airlines and compressor connections . Tell tale bubbles are your guide : the bubbles might take a while (15 mins to form).

If it is airbag related you can try using tyre sealant : the aerosol type works well. Use one can between the two bags , and then immediately drive off and try to get the rear suspension to flex , in order to spread the goo.

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Re: Disco II Air Suspension issues

Postby jimattrill » 27 Feb 2016 10:21

The best and certainly the cheapest fix is to throw the bags away and fit normal disco springs instead. You can use the airbag compressor to pump your tyres. CCA sell the springs.
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