3 Amigos + 1 Disco II TD5

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3 Amigos + 1 Disco II TD5

Postby Wizard » 13 Aug 2015 20:49

Whilst driving up a steep, rough hill in high range, but with the CDL on the terrifying 3 gongs sounded and the 3 x Amigos lit up, this time with the addition of the handbrake light. Stopping and immediately switching off the ignition didn't extinguish the lights as they have in the past. Checking the handbrake switch next to the handbrake lever didn't extinguish the HB light, nor did topping up the brake fluid.

A friend connected his Nanocom to the system and with the engine running the ABS ECU repeatedly came up as an error message. A Google search revealed the error can be bypassed if the functions are performed with the ignition turned to the second step with the engine off.

Repeating this test revealed the the fault to be "24-07 Left sensor output intermittent". This was cleared and the 3 Amigos with their persistent friend, the HB light thankfully went out. This was an opportune time to check all the other systems on the Nanocom and to tweak the turbo boost pressure.

Thanks for all the help.

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Re: 3 Amigos + 1 Disco II TD5

Postby pretdave » 13 Aug 2015 21:36

Thanks for the feedback.

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