Disco II ABS Pump / Modulator

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Disco II ABS Pump / Modulator

Postby WillieRR » 16 Jan 2015 11:09

Hi guys,

The 3 amigos on my '04 Disco II V8, has now become a constant headache. My Indie reckons it is the ABS Pump / Modulator, which needs replacing. He is, however, talking about R 11,000. Does anybody perhaps know of someone who sells reconditioned pumps / modulators?


PS I am in Mogale City (West Rand, Gauteng), but I'm pretty sure if I can source one it can be couriered at my expense.

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Re: Disco II ABS Pump / Modulator

Postby disco » 05 Mar 2015 17:31

Hi Willie,

Marius (Savanna on this forum) performed some magic on mine about 5 years ago, which took care of it. Unfortunately he passed away a few years back. If I recall it was a shuttle valve modification in ABS Modulator, which cost me R1200.

I suggest you contact the Indies he used to work for, ans see if they still do that. If they do, and if I were you I would rather book myself a holiday trip down the fairest cape, and have it done while you are down there. It will probably still work out cheaper than replacing it! (I think they are now called 7-landies in CT)

Please note that if your amigos are due to a faulty wheel speed sensor, the amigos may return. I got myself a Nanocom Evo, and when one of the sensors give intermitted readings I just reset it myself (this has happend a handfull of times since, but the suttle valve error is no-more)


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Re: Disco II ABS Pump / Modulator

Postby naks » 05 Mar 2015 19:13

Willie, maybe try this DIY fix first? http://www.handyhowie.co.uk/handyhowie/ ... Fault.html
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