Disco 2 oil cooler, again!!

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Disco 2 oil cooler, again!!

Postby allan320 » 04 Sep 2013 10:34

A piece of experience which might be worth passing on for the general body of knowledge contained in this excellent forum..........

Yesterday my 2002 TD5 pumped all its oil into the cooling system and I stopped the engine as soon as the temp gauge began to climb and the engine lost power. Grey sludge bubbling out of the coolant expansion tank. Initially suspected the head gasket, but that was renewed by a reputable engineering firm in Beaufort West 18 months ago.

Now the main suspect is the oil cooler. The symptom I should have heeded was NO HEAT IN THE CABIN FROM THE CLIMATE CONTROL!! If this happens to you, DO NOT DRIVE ANY FURTHER. The oil cooler could be about to let go.

Here in George, Craig at Landy World will be working his magic next Monday, and I will report back as to the extent of the havoc inside the engine........


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Re: Disco 2 oil cooler, again!!

Postby Stoney » 04 Aug 2015 20:11

What has transpired once, over the last two years?

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