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Re: Play in transmission

Postby Kaspaas » 06 Jan 2011 09:18

Hi George

I have just read your story wrt the diff. Sounds very interesting. BTW, my TC etc on my facelift Disco td5 has never really worked as the Amigos are permanently on! I have learnt to negotiate without it working. Also something I have given up to repair.

I am now even more confused.
So the transfer play could be in the diff or transfer case?
I understand the basic of adding shims in the transfer case but dont have a clue what you mean with the cam diff spider. I asume it is in the centre diff that must be opened. What oem prt will it replace. I will also go and check on my Rave cd.
Dont we have the likes of a Brian here in the Cape that can help me?

Thanks guys, I am now closer to the problem since I have posted here two days ago.

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Re: Play in transmission

Postby colinwpa » 06 Jan 2011 14:13

The 3 Amigos is (usually) a very simple fix, if it is just the connector inside the brake modulator, should take about an afternoon for a novice to fix it.... describes how, the "easy"and the "hard" way - just do the easy way!

I've used Louis and Marius at Safari Off Road Centre in Killarney Gardens and found them to be pretty good with my Disco, and not badly priced.

The spider George refers to is in the centre diff and replaces the two carrier shafts holding the diff gears. It seems to be a useful mod if you have the transfer box out....
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Re: Play in transmission

Postby jrossouw » 03 Jul 2015 08:07

I took my car to Centurion Gearbox and diff on the 12th / 13th August 2014. The vehicle has some thudder sounds coming from it while driving. I was told it was the diff bushes by another person.
The MD, Deon and I discussed that they are quite busy and would only be able to look at the vehicle on the 19th August 2014. I agreed to this and agreed to leave the vehicle there.

As time went by (and I have attached an e-mail for reference), they did not work on my car. Further this, they only told me months later (end November) that they already fixed the bushes, and only told me then that it would cost me R6500.

2 days later, they phoned me and told me there was a problem on my diff too and that would be another R22,000.00. This I agreed to. They “fixed” my car and I drove it on holiday from 12th December 2014 to the 27th December 2014. I picked up issues during my trip and spoke to Nantus about it.

I returned the car to them on the 29th December 2014. It has been there ever since. They keep promising me that it would be done and they aren’t doing anything about it.
I have lost money because of this.

Eventually, after a massive fight, they gave me a Ford Bantam bakkie to drive around in for the weekend of the 13th to 16th February 2015, with the condition of giving me a proper car to use from Monday 16 February 2015 as the problem is transporting my children to and from school, home etc as this is a safety risk. When I went to return their bakkie and collect the car, the MD “changed his mind”. I was so upset because of his blatant ignorance towards the law and safety of my children and poor service that I threatened legal action. His only response was “Go ahead and do it.” I’m not a man of my word anyway and your car will be ready before 19th February.
Guess what…? My car isn’t ready. This has cost me and my business a lot in terms of driving up and down, phoning them all the time (from December to now, I’ve made over 20 calls to them, they have not called me once). This is unacceptable.

I even suggested that they could rent me a car until they have my issues resolved which they weren’t willing to do. They have been rude, unprofessional and not forthcoming at all.

Today is the 3rd July 2015 - Almost a year later. My car STILL isn't fixed. Tried Mediation, they failed to respond. Tried the Motor Industry Ombudsman - They just ignored them.

Now, I'm taking it to the National Consumer Tribunal and to High Court if need be.


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