Defender, Diso, Puma???

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Defender, Diso, Puma???

Postby jonosav » 22 Dec 2012 13:10

Hi Guys

I have owned 2 defenders and now have a disco 1 tdi, I bought the tdi as we were intending on moving to Zambia but that has not transpired. I am now wanting to get back to being a defender driver. I am very keen on a Puma, want to get one with less than 100 000km. I am a bit in the dark as to what the issues have been to date with the Pumas and am trying to get as much background info as possible. Can anybody help with maybe a website with puma feedback, personal advice etc.

Thanks for the help

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Re: Defender, Diso, Puma???

Postby Joseph » 02 Jan 2013 16:26

From what I've read, the Ford Transit Van with the 2.4 diesel engine did not have the best reputation, same engine went into the London Taxi Cabs.

Supposedly it caused record warranty claims against Ford.

Only issues I've came across up is a faulty clutch in the early ones, leaking vacuum pump and the rear diff fitted from 2002 + defenders is not as strong as the earlier Salisbury unit. Oh and faulty ambient temp sensor causing limp mode.
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Re: Defender, Diso, Puma???

Postby naks » 02 Jan 2013 16:35

Puma is good, Puma 2.2 is even better.

The 2,2 is much smoother, thus the clutch issues are not as prominent.
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