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New forum sections

Posted: 12 Oct 2015 16:32
by landyonline

I have been wondering if any new sections should be added to this forum. Don't want to add for the sake of adding but rather to improve and enhance the forum. Any ideas?


Re: New forum sections

Posted: 12 Oct 2015 16:44
by naks
Hi Alan,

If you have access to LR bulletins, perhaps that would be a good section to have?

Re: New forum sections

Posted: 29 Mar 2016 09:07
by driesdej
Hi Alan,
wouldn't it be easier to have sub-folders under each type of vehicle, eg. Under Defender you have an Engine folder for engine problems, different folder for Gearbox problems and so on as it makes finding answers just so much easier.
Now you have to sift through all the threads to se if someone had an engine problem some where.
I hope you understand my Q.
Nice day to all

Dries de Jager
Nosy Be, Madagascar