Td5 chip setting

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Td5 chip setting

Postby Johan Pienaar » 14 May 2015 19:35

Ek vra nou seker n vraag wat baie gevra is.
Kan die oorspronklike rekenaar gestel word om beter specs te gee. Die ander opsie is dan seker Unichip.Dankie Johan

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Re: Td5 chip setting

Postby pretdave » 15 May 2015 19:29

Johan the early TD5 s (pre about 2002) you coiuld not change the ECU mapping. The later models can take a mapping change.
If you are not sure what ECU your TD5 has , there is a code number stamped on it. The programmable ones begin with NNN.
The early models can be chipped , but general consensus is that a chipped ECU is not as good as a remapped ECU.

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Re: Td5 chip setting

Postby jimattrill » 27 Feb 2016 10:28

I have some good TD5 maps that anyone can have for free. They are quite small so can be emailed.
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