power loss proplem on td 5

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power loss proplem on td 5

Postby landycabs » 13 Feb 2014 13:30

hey guys my name is Mike and im new to Landy online. I have a landrover defender td 5 2005 model,and have a question i would like to ask if possible. When i drive my land rover and exceed plus minus 3000 revs its almost as if it loses power or as if some would say limp mode. I was told that i can either have a fuel starvation problem or a turbo problem. The vehicle has been sent in for dianostics and they dont seem to find anything wrong. This problem has been baffling me for the past year?

Would any of you have a solution to this problem

Kind regards
and looking fwd in solving this with Landy online :D

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Re: power loss proplem on td 5

Postby naks » 13 Feb 2014 14:58

Check and clean the MAF and MAP sensors

Check the turbo hose for any cracks/splits

Check and clean intercooler/radiator

Check fuel pump

Check & clean fuel tank (dirt/grime blocking fuel pickup)
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